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All proceeds go to deserving students who need a helping hand to pursue their dreams of earning a college degree.  We've seen first-hand how student lives can be powerfully impacted through financial assistance, which symbolizes faith others place in their ability to succeed.

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The Cecil K. and Leroy J. Watkins Foundation is a non-profit community service organization established in 2009.  Its mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals in underserved communities by providing resources, training, assessment, and interventions that could help them make informed decisions that would advance their position in life. 

In keeping with this tradition, Keri Watkins-Webb founded Empowered Living NYC, a subsidiary of The Cecil K. and Leroy J. Watkins Foundation, in an effort to work administratively and environmentally to reduce health barriers and promote wellness in low-income communities.  For more information on Empowered Living NYC, please visit the home page.

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Teacher Assisting a Student

Our Focus

The primary focal points of the organization’s mission statement are:

  • To promote the value and importance of education by providing financial assistance to deserving high school students to encourage, motivate, and enable them to attend college

  • To establish a panel of successful role models willing to address student groups and members of community-based organizations to inspire and motivate them to strive for self-improvement and/or community service

  • To provide a supportive networking environment through forums and seminars

  • To provide access to internship opportunities for young people with an interest in education, sports, health, business, and community-based careers.

July 2021, Back to School Supply Drive. We donated over 2,500 school supplies to deserving children in the greater NYC area.

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