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Right now, we're facing a pandemic. And, many of the people afflicted, appear to be more harmed by their own immune system, than by the Coronavirus itself. What's causing this compromised immune function? The hidden culprit is excess sugar. Sugar consumption is at an all-time high. Processed sugar can be found in almost everything, from coffee creamers to peanut butter. And, research shows that spikes in sugar intake drastically suppress immune function. And, when your immunity is compromised, you are more prone to illness. So, how can we protect ourselves from the ill effects of sugar? Confectionery Killer: The Cause, Impact, and Cure for Sugar Addiction addresses this question and others as it explores the history of sugar, its place in the African American culture, its impact on the mind and body, and how you can practically overcome your dependence on it.

Confectionery Killer Book Author's Signature Copy (Plus $5 Shipping)

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