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Empowered Living Virtual Wellness Sessions 

Improve your Well-being with Keri's Weekly Virtual Wellness Sessions

​​No matter where you are in the world, you can join an amazing fitness experience that will leave you feeling fit and fabulous. Keri's weekly wellness sessions offer virtual health guidance to individuals anywhere.

Change your lifestyle and create a healthy food and exercise regimen that motivates you to stay on track with your wellness goals. Gain increased immunity and more energy while losing weight and unhealthy habits!

Keri’s virtual wellness class provides the opportunity to get personalized support and mentoring (nutrition coaching and health coaching) as you work towards accomplishing consistent self-care and an end to dieting. ​It's time to adopt a new lifestyle!

As your wellness coach, some of the benefits of our virtual sessions can include:

  • Creating a customized 3-day meal plan

  • Developing an action plan to meet your wellness goals and that makes healthy eating work in your life

  • Jumpstarting your metabolism with a 15-minute workout

  • Cooking a healthy and delicious 20-minute meal

  • Creating a budget to establish financial wellness

  • Tapping into triggers that cause emotional eating

  • Learning how to meal prep for the week in under an hour

  • Re-arranging your home environment in order to establish healthy routines

  • Plus, you get to keep dozens of downloadable pdfs, packed with the resources, guidance, and practical tools you need to succeed at losing weight fast and increasing energy levels.


Initial 60-Minute Consultation

During the initial session, we will review your past and present experiences with food and discuss your overall health concerns. Then, we’ll talk about what success will look like for you, and identify specific areas that we’ll work on together in future sessions. Prior to this initial consultation, you must complete and submit the new client intake form


45-Minute Follow Up Sessions


In each follow-up session, we will discuss your progress, work through any barriers, and introduce new strategies to help you move towards your goals.  These strategies may include mindful eating, managing cravings, establishing routines, and time management.  After each session, you’ll get an email recap with clear and realistic steps you can take to make changes, and resources to reinforce important concepts.

Personalized Sessions

Build Your Dream Life With Healthy Habits

Imagine if the process of creating habits could finally be an easy and joyful experience.

The hard part for most people is how to create habits that stick. The struggle, forcing yourself to do it only to go back to old behaviors months later and lose all the progress is not fun. What if you knew how to make healthy habits as long-lasting and easy to create as bad habits?

Empowered Living NYC can assist you! To book a more personalized session for you and your group, contact Keri today. 

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