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From transforming clients' lives to helping people achieve their health and wellness and fitness goals through yoga and pilates, meditation, coaching, nutritional services, singing, and writing, or reaching the next level in entrepreneurial success, Keri has collaborated with several entrepreneurs who love helping others – and they totally rock at it! Check out and connect with some of our amazing and successful stars! 


A Certified Personal Accountability Coach and Writing Coach who specializes in helping amazing people identify, develop, and focus on what matters most to them. Tanine is also the Author of Walking In Néw Shoes: A Journey of Revealed Truth and Resilience through the Human Experience. 

Gricell LaSalle.PNG

A Teacher, Mother, Youth Advocate, and Fitness Enthusiast. During the pandemic, she decided to combine her love for teaching with her love for wellness, and began leading virtual group exercise classes for her friends, family, and co-workers.

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A Certified Yoga Instructor and Dance Educator, Lori founded Soul Full of Yoga and Dance. Her business focuses on sustainable yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and dance/movement as a tool to enhance the mind, body, and spirit experience. She provides yoga and dance curriculum to schools, agencies, and organizations. She develops and facilitates workshops and offers private and group therapeutic yoga and dance instruction. Lori also demonstrates her dedication to wellness through her plant-based meal preparation training in the public and private sectors.  

White Couch

Kaneen L. Morgan

A Mom, Writing Coach, Organizational Leader, Publishing Consultant, Prophetic Writer (Ghostwriter), and Speaker. She is an example of someone who has transformed hardships and obstacles through writing and creating new thought processes of success. Kaneen is also the author of Finding Your Way: the Secret to Finding and Creating Your Purpose.


Kelly is an Educator, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher  and the founder of Simply Balanced Living. Her education led Kelly to work with the youth, teaching them basic mind-body techniques and journaling to build self-esteem, resolve conflict, and minimize stress. Kelly also uses her natural instinct, teaching grieving adults, how to work through loss by connecting breath to movement.

For more information about Kelly's services please contact her via email at


A Haitian-American Gospel artist, and one of the most respected artists of the Haitian Music industry. Her voice carries the weight of an uplifting, powerful message of hope and faith. Palmyre is currently working on releasing singles in English as well as her third album in French Creole. "Despite all the adversities, a female may encounter when ministering," Palmyre says, she is determined to continue spreading the gospel through songs and hymns. 

Find out more about Palmyre and do not miss out on the artist’s upcoming releases, events, and activities on all social media platforms: @palmyreseraphin or contact her via email at

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