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Bring Health To Your Organization

Live Green and Clean. Build a Happier, Healthier, and More Resilient Internal and External Environment.

Empowered Living NYC’s Wellness Workshops are interactive programs designed to engage, educate, and motivate individuals to incorporate wellness into their lives. Topics range from:
  • Health and wellness guidance
  • Nutrition and healthy eating 
  • Tips to fitting in fitness and creating a workout routine
  • Strategies to stressing less
  • Healthy-but-easy recipes
  • Smart snacking ideas 
  • Motivation and goal setting
  • Tips on striking a work-life balance.
Workshops are tailored to serve 3 distinct audiences: Health Ministry, General/Mainstream Wellness, and Workplace Wellness.

Health Ministry

The Empowered Living NYC Health Ministry is designed to help congregations learn how to eat healthy, exercise, and handle stressors through interactive and Biblically-based workshops.  These healing, health, and wellness workshops are promoted among church members as well as the people in the surrounding communities that they serve.


General Wellness

Learn the basics of leading a healthy lifestyle the easy way. These workshops are designed to educate attendees on general wellness with topics ranging from goal setting and motivation, surviving the holidays and finding a balance in life to simply making healthy easy.

Workplace Wellness

Are you looking to create a work environment where your employees are motivated to stay in good health?  Your company and employees will surely benefit from our motivating, solution-based nutrition workshops. Our nutrition sessions are tailored to meet your employees’ needs and will improve both their personal and professional life.


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