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 Transform your diet, energize your life with Keri Watkins Webb, Certified Holistic Health Coach

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Hi, I'm Keri, Your Certified Holistic Health Coach. Read more about me.

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Right now, we're facing a pandemic. And, many of the people afflicted, appear to be more harmed by their own immune system, than by the Coronavirus itself. Research shows that spikes in sugar intake drastically suppress immune function. And, when your immunity is compromised, you are more prone to illness. So, how can we protect ourselves from the ill effects of sugar? Confectionery Killer: The Cause, Impact, and Cure for Sugar Addiction addresses this question and others as it explores the history of sugar, its impact on the mind and body, and how you can practically overcome your dependence on it.

Eat Well. Live Intentionally.


About Keri

She is a nutritionist, educator, teacher, author, and lifestyle coach committed to transforming the fatally flawed, American health care system by providing safe and practical solutions to people's health problems.

What She Does

Keri will design a wellness plan that works for you and/or your organization.  Believing that in order to have true health you must be aligned on three levels, she partners with her clients to bring balance back to their lives.

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Margret Richardson

My weight loss has been a journey filled with small victories followed by disappointing setbacks until I joined Keri's four-week weight loss program and lost 25 pounds.

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Kaneen Morgan

I had no energy and a busy schedule, which was affecting my work, life, and relationship. So I knew I had to make a lifestyle change--not just a diet change. Empowered Living was a huge blessing. I now feel amazing and sexy.

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Lisa Nettles

I lost 11 pounds in 4 weeks. I was motivated after each class and the classes were very informative, inspirational, and fun! Most important it was a judgment free atmosphere.

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The U.S. spends more money on medical care, uses more medical technology than any country on earth, and has one of the highest ratios of doctors and hospitals to people.  Yet, American medicine serves business interests more than human interests.


Empowered Living NYC is a holistic health practice dedicated to empowering individuals to take responsibility for their health, rather than relying solely on the recommendations of medical practitioners.  Clients are trained to pay attention to their bodies and make informed decisions about the best treatment options.


Discover your body’s unique needs and begin to minimize or eliminate drugs or dieting from your life.  Learn how your body is capable of balancing and healing itself.  Relax and breathe deeply--you have just found the support you have been looking for that will teach you how to become your own health expert. 


Book your next event, virtual group workshop and transform your community, and energize your life!

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